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I discovered a few snippets that I wrote some years ago. They are somewhat unhappy in nature, but I enjoyed the way I wrote them, so thought I’d share them here despite their dark tone. Here is the second:

I am left merely sad, no fire inside to give me motion and to push me into action.  No, I am simply empty inside, a hollow shell once filled with all that would be and now merely shadowed by flickers of what might have been; what isn’t.  Lonely what-if’s flutter in the darkness, bereft of any hope of rescue, doomed to ultimately be claimed by the cold.  In time the emptiness will pass, I will once more be filled with dreams and hopes, and things will be better.  In time this void will be put aside, and although it will never be filled or forgotten, it will be stored somewhere safe, somewhere where it is but a small thing, a tiny hole, a souvenir to remind me of darker days gone by.  But that means little to me now.  Now I cannot see through the darkness it presents.  The light is still too far away, the dawn not even a glimmer on the horizon.  The stars, flickering faintly, hint at things that will come, that I will look forward to, be excited about, but they are mere stars now.  Small, isolated and flickering uncertainly I cannot rely on them to guide my path.  For now I have no path to follow.  For now I will sit alone, here, in the darkness.  All around me it is still, empty.  There is nothing in me, as there is nothing outside me. I am without beginning, without end, without middle.  I am without.

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  1. Posted 11 Oct ’10 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Raak beskrywing van hoe ek soms voel :-(

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