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Upside downside up…

While working on a wedding invitation for my sister (which is nearly complete, and rather pleasing), I spent a fair amount of time the last while playing with ambigrams. For those who do not know, this entails writing words in such a way that they read the same from above and below. The most well-known examples are those in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

Ambigrams provide an interesting mix of intellectual and artistic challenges, often with limited results. Nevertheless, I have managed to draw a few that worked, and will post them here over the next while.

The first (above) is probably the easiest to read

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  1. Posted 17 Jun ’08 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    oh dear, sir. you have too much time on your hands! …maar dis briljant! ek hoop jy kan ene van my naam ook maak?

    if you decide to work in the creative sphere, I am sure you’ll be extremely successful (and fulfilled)? is it an option?

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