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Two Oceans

I had the pleasure of running two events at this year’s Two Oceans: Both the 10km trail run (on the Friday morning), and the 21km half marathon (the following day).

The trail run is a considerably smaller event, with entries limited to 400 each in the 10 and 20km routes. It is clear why this is, however, as the path is in many places a single track, and would not handle more runners very well. Starting at UCT and heading up the mountain, around in the direction of Kirstenbosch, and then back down to finish at UCT again, the route was very beautiful and moderately challenging. There are some steep uphills, and also sections with very technical running. It is well worth it, though, and is a great event for the casual trail runner.

This year marked my fourth Two Oceans half-marathon, and as a result I had a fairly good idea of what to expect. The sheer number of participants remains astounding, and the start of the race is correspondingly frustrating. I realised (once again) the value of getting seeded for this race, as merely crossing the start line took a full 5 minutes.

The upside, of course, of the high volumes of runners is the absolutely brilliant support that this race enjoys. It feels as though there are crowds cheering you on for the full 21km, and often that’s all it takes to push yourself that little bit harder.

I ran reasonably well, and thoroughly enjoyed the race. The previous day’s trail run (in combination with my not-brilliant fitness at present) caught up to me around 18km, however, when my energy fell pretty fast. Nonetheless, I finished with an OK time (2:13), although considerably slower than my previous slowest time of just over 2 hours, and really enjoyed the event.

This has also inspired me to run slightly more regularly, with the effect that I’ll try to run a half-marathon every month, hopefully building up to both a sub-90 minute finish and my first full marathon before the end of the year.  I’ll write about the various races as they happen.

Image: Kobus Ehlers

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