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The stern summer sun
shines from the vast and staring sky
its heat merciless and inescapable
searing through my soul
leaving me exposed and dry

The wistful autumn wind
a dancing dervish wandering freely, far astray
it pulls and pushes, whirling wild
unravelling my thoughts
my ego whisked away

The crisp winter cold
collects on windows and clouds the air
creeping through every crack
caressing my body
protected in its care

The soft spring rain
falls gently from flower to leaf to field
filling the world with water, fresh and fluid
washing away my fears
as my spirit is healed

The endless seasons turn
now open emptiness stretching near and far, high and low
then a quiet closeness calling me back
some fragments lost, edges smoothed
slowly I breathe, and grow

      Linsen Loots

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