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Towers of Midnight

Having thoroughly enjoyed The Gathering Storm, the previous installment in the Wheel of Time and the first to be published after Robert Jordan’s passing (having been co-written by Brian Sanderson), I was extremely excited to get my hands on Towers of Midnight, the latest and penultimate book in this truly epic series.

This novel more than lived up to my expectations. It is perhaps the most exciting and fast-paced fantasy novel I’ve read in a long time, and I flew through its more than 800 pages in just a few days. The scope of the series (this is book 13) is truly brought home, and as all the various plot lines are brought back together, it becomes clear that this is not the story of just a few characters, but of the end of an age. The story of an entire world.

This is a breathtaking masterpiece, and I cannot wait to finally read the last book (although it is only scheduled for publication in 2012, so I will have to…)

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