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The Outeniqua Trail

I had the good fortune to take time off in the middle of winter and hike the first five days of the Outeniqua Trail.  The full trail is seven days long, and ends at the start of the Harkerville (so the two can be combined to make a 9-day hike).

In spite of concerns about floods that had taken place in the preceding weeks, we were met with beautiful weather for most of the hike – 4 of the days showed brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies. With a route that meanders from the deep Knysna forests up to the tops of mountain ridges, the good weather served to allow us to enjoy this incredible hike to the fullest. We even managed a few swims in rivers, braving the cold water and really appreciating the sunshine to defrost us afterwards.

The route is absolutely beautiful, with varied terrain and no shortage of scenic views. A fair amount of the trail is on forestry tracks, but these don’t detract from the whole experience, and at times make a pleasant change from steep climbs or descents. Although the trail itself was a bit damaged by the recent rains, it was otherwise very well maintained and indicated. The path is at places strenuous, and the first two days in particular were not easy-going, but it is well worth the effort.

The huts are also a pleasure to stay in. All are equipped with firewood, bunk beds, toilets and showers. Most have great views (Windmeulnek has of the best views of any hut I’ve been to), and a few even have hot water.

This is a hike I will definitely do again (and hopefully soon!)

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  1. Fritz
    Posted 27 Feb ’12 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    Wens ek was daar.

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