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The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 2

I started reading The Oxford History of South Africa slightly over a year ago, and while it has been very interesting and rewarding to learn more of the history of my country, this two-volume tome is anything but an easy read. The text is dry, […]


A See-through Suitcase

A See-through Suitcase is a short anthology of poetry by Deborah Steinmair, a South African poet. She manages to capture beauty and tragedy in a truly exquisite and poignant way – the poems in this anthology are very honest, and have that special type of […]

The toxic mix

The Toxic Mix

I had the good fortune of hearing Graeme Bloch talk at a conference I attended, and was therefore pleased to get hold of a copy of The Toxic Mix. This is a short work in which he details the various problems in South Africa’s education […]


The Story of an African Farm

The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner is one of those books that I’ve been aware of for quite some time, but never got as far as reading. Being the first major English novel written by a South African (and a woman), and […]



Mhudi is the first and only novel by Sol T. Plaatje, a prominent black intellectual and politician in the early part of the twentieth century. I was further interested in reading this novel as I have previously read The Boer War Diary of Sol T. […]


‘n Ander Tongval

Saam met Country of My Skull en Begging to Be Black vorm ‘n Ander Tongval ‘n tipe trilogie, drie afsonderlike werke wat die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing bestudeer en bespreek. Krog het ‘n ongelooflike vermoe om dinge raak te sien en uit te lig, en wys op […]

Begging to Be Black

Begging to Be Black

Having just finished Country of My Skull, I decided to next read Antjie Krog’s Begging to Be Black. This later book takes a much more philosophical tone, and guides us through Krog’s struggle to, as a a white South African, identify and understand the essential […]

Country of My Skull

Country of My Skull

As preparation for our next book club book, Antjie Krog’s ‘n Ander Tongval (A Change of Tongue in English), I decided it was a good opportunity to read her two other non-fiction books as well. Country of My Skull tells of Krog’s experiences being in […]


The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 1

I found, on my father’s bookshelf, a copy of The Oxford History of South Africa. Published in 1969, this two-volume work is a comprehensive study of the history of our country. A rather formidable tome, the first volume covers the history from as far back […]


The Castaways

I must confess that I bought this short novel primarily out of curiosity to read something by the wife of Athol Fugard, South Africa’s best-known playwright. The Castaways is more than able to stand on its own merit, however. The story revolves around a shipwreck […]