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Through the Language Glass

Through the Language Glass is the second book on linguistics by Guy Deutscher that I’ve read recently (the other being The Unfolding of Language). This popular science book explains various differences between languages, and tackles the rather thorny question of whether the language we think […]


The Unfolding of Language

I have an enduring passion for and interest in language, and was thus quite intrigued when I read about Guy Deutscher’s two books, The Unfolding of Language and Through the Language Glass. As it was written earlier, I read The Unfolding of Language first. In […]


Pidgin & Creole Languages

I stumbled on Suzanne Romaine’s work Pidgin & Creole Languages quite by accident in a second-hand bookstore, and was immediately intrigued. I have a continuing interest in languages, especially how they work, how they differ and how they don’t differ, and this seemed to fit […]


‘n Ander Tongval

Saam met Country of My Skull en Begging to Be Black vorm ‘n Ander Tongval ‘n tipe trilogie, drie afsonderlike werke wat die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing bestudeer en bespreek. Krog het ‘n ongelooflike vermoe om dinge raak te sien en uit te lig, en wys op […]

Soli & Koranna

From the Annals: Soli & Koranna

During my last Xhosa class, I asked my lecturer whether there is currently much research into Khoisan (“bushman”) languages, especially given the increasingly few native speakers left. She said that there is still some, especially from German researchers, and further she gave me the following […]