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A Short History of Myth

A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong is the opening installment in Canongate’s Myths series, and is an excellent introduction to and contextualisation of what is to follow. Armstrong follows mankind’s myths from the earliest, hunter-gatherer societies through ancient civilisations right up to modern […]



Colour by Victoria Finlay bears the apt subtitle Travels Through the Paintbox. Alternating between a personal journey and a historical account, Finlay tells the stories of different colours of paints, pigments and inks. Starting with simple ochre and its uses across the world, from Australia […]


The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 2

I started reading The Oxford History of South Africa slightly over a year ago, and while it has been very interesting and rewarding to learn more of the history of my country, this two-volume tome is anything but an easy read. The text is dry, […]


The Unfolding of Language

I have an enduring passion for and interest in language, and was thus quite intrigued when I read about Guy Deutscher’s two books, The Unfolding of Language and Through the Language Glass. As it was written earlier, I read The Unfolding of Language first. In […]


The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 1

I found, on my father’s bookshelf, a copy of The Oxford History of South Africa. Published in 1969, this two-volume work is a comprehensive study of the history of our country. A rather formidable tome, the first volume covers the history from as far back […]