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I lose myself, somewhere –
Accidentally leave my soul on a train station bench
Next to an abandoned coffee cup and a discarded ticket stub.
It takes a while for the emptiness to sink in
And until it does I run on auto-pilot,
Going through the motions, acting whole;
Even I am fooled into thinking I’m here.

But sooner or later I break.

Gradually everything loses its shine
I view the world distantly;
Watch it through the self-same train’s windows
Scratches and graffiti blurring the lines.

It’s a type of sadness, melancholy.
Missing who I was, or am, or could be.
It’s a painful space, a hollowness
That, without a soul, I am unable to fill.

Without power, the train gradually slows
And stops.

But the doors still don’t open.
The world is there, almost within grasp,
And I feel my soul calling to be found.

I cannot call back.

    Linsen Loots

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