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Singing in the Rain

Day 27; Mile 341.

It’s been quite an eventful week. I hiked down out of the Smokies to perfect weather and great views, coming into Hot Springs, NC on Tuesday after a 26 mile day. In the last mile or so I saw my first rattlesnake, right on the path. it gave me quite a fright! Hot Springs itself is a beautiful, sleepy little town reminiscent of places along Route 62 in SA. It also provided me with my first cappuccino on the trail.

Moving on from there I walked two 20 mile days to reach Sams Gap early Saturday morning. There I was picked up by Marius, a friend from highschool, who’d driven down from Raleigh to visit me. We went to Asheville for the day, and explored its downtown area. It’s a really lovely city – something between Kloof Street and Woodstock – and it was great to be back in proper civilisation. It was a strong indicator of the degree to which I’ve become a city person.

Marius dropped me back on the Trail Sunday morning, and I set of to cover the 24 miles to Erwin. An afternoon thundershower initially made for wonderful hiking – cool rain, thunder rumbling overhead, green all around – and I couldn’t help but sing as I walked. It started properly pouring, though, and when I got to the next shelter I waited out the worst of it there. When I got to the hotel in the evening most of my stuff was somewhat damp, including my passport, so I spent some time cleaning and drying everything.

Today I head out again. Hopefully I’ll make Damascus, VA by the weekend.

Enjoying a last beer with Buffalo Joe at the motel in Gatlinburg (he was only hiking as far as Hot Springs).

Catching a very cold ride back to the trail on the back of a pickup. I had shared a room with Heat Miser, on the left.

Spotted outside a hiker hostel.

Enjoying a beer and a burger at a tavern in Hot Springs.

The ArtiSun gallery in Hot Springs, where I got my first cappuccino :-)

My first Trail Magic – kindly strangers leaving things for hungry hikers to enjoy.

Trees fighting back…

Good advice: “Go everywhere, Study everything, Fear nothing”

An awesome Tea Room in Asheville where we drank an Oolong tea specifically good when starting solitary journeys or climbing mountains.


  1. Elaine
    Posted 20 May ’13 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the update! Love the pics, especially the boots and flowers!! We will be in Atlant from 17 July till 20 Aug if you still in the states!!

  2. Dewet
    Posted 20 May ’13 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    Fast becoming a periodical I look forward to reading. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Estelle Joubert
    Posted 20 May ’13 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    Hi Linsen :) So nice to see your blog appearing. I read the article on the accident in Damascus and was hoping you were not involved. So relieved you’re OK. all.

    Enjoy the hike. Thanks for sharing it with us


  4. Lirize Loots
    Posted 26 May ’13 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    Linsen, het nou kans gehad om na jou fotos te kyk en weer te lees. Ek het twee vrae: 1) wat is jou trail mix (musiek) en 2) wat het jy gesing toe jy gestap het? Baie liefde en lekker stap xx

    • Linsen
      Posted 26 May ’13 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

      1) Trail mix is meestal ‘n lang playlist wat Johan vir my gemaak het, en waarvan ek seker net so derde van die liedjies ken. Indie music, mostly. With occassional diversions into other music like the Beach Boys :-)
      2) Whatever I could think of – I’m notoriously bad at remembering the lyrics to songs. Snippets from musicals, mostly.

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