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Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the best-known literary classics, and one which has had a persistent legacy. It is only the second of Austen’s book I’ve read (the other being Sense and Sensibility), but was very enjoyable

From a modern perspective the plot seems somewhat uninteresting. There is almost nothing that ever actually happens; except for an endless series of dinners, balls, rides through the country and agonising about what Mr. So-and-so really meant when he said this or that.

This largely inactive story, however, provides a fascinating look into society life two hundred years ago, particularly its obsession with marriage as the ultimate aim in any person’s life. It also leaves plenty of room for the development of the characters and the intrigues linking them together. As far as these are concerned, the novel is excellently written, with believable personalities ranging from loveable to quite unpleasant.

Through it all, Austen’s use of language is exquisite (although it takes a few chapters to get used to), and an absolute delight to read.

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