Life Goals

2013-04-10 23.39.28

In the process of cleaning out my life before I head off on the Appalachian Trail (more on that later), I came across a set […]

Desert Rain


It was an awakening. Drifting happily through life; Years feel like days feel like years – No hint of the worlds as yet unseen. And […]

Unfathomable Beauty


The great machine of the world turns. Spinning gears slice through puffs of steam; Clattering chains dance with power lines. An endless sea of motion […]

On lost lines


I was toying with anagrams of my name, and the meanings were so enticing that I felt I had to try and create something from […]



Omens. Signs everywhere. I can’t understand. Although, maybe it means…? No, that’s not it either. I feel trapped by them all. If only I could […]

The Swarm


“Shhhhh…” Another appeared. “Don’t disturb them.” “Can they see us?” Natalie shrugged, her eyes wide. Another one left father’s liquor cabinet. “What are they looking […]



Flash! He blinked. Reality returned slowly. The camera flashed again. How had he got here? It started with those damned beans. Magic was one possible […]

The Appalachian Trail


For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of adventure.  Not just any kind of adventure, but the really grand kind.  The kind of adventure that […]



She sits quietly in the corner, Headphones on, A loud silence filling her ears. Thoughts drift as clouds across her face. Occasionally her eyes shine […]



I lose myself, somewhere – Accidentally leave my soul on a train station bench Next to an abandoned coffee cup and a discarded ticket stub. […]