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Out on commission


I was commissioned by a friend’s mother, an animals’ rights activist, do draw two illustrations showing dogs and cats in a factory farm. It was interesting, and although the extensive use of photo references for the animals (and the use of a photo for the dogs’ background) make the result somewhere in the grey area between sketching and photo-manipulation, it was still a rather interesting exercise. I am definitely convinced that it is much easier to get realistic results with greyscale sketches, and then add colour later if necessary.


As for other pictures, they are in the [incredibly slow] pipeline.


  1. Posted 17 Jul ’07 at 11:57 pm | Permalink


    Lyk banja nice – ek hou meer van die eerste een. Maar dis moeilik met die images so klein (en hier op GPRS sal die groottes maar nog ‘n rukkie moet wag).

    Well done


    NS – Bel my as Greenpeace jou comission. Ek sal solank werk aan ‘n paar “Save the Whale” idees…

  2. fritzvz
    Posted 3 Oct ’07 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    Is die idee dat katjies en hondjies in hokke ons ‘n weersin in batteryhoenders of rooivleis moet gee?

    Ek sal hond eet, solank dit lekker smaak. Ek twyfel of ‘n hond in ‘n hok swakker daaraan toe is as een wat oor die lande kan huppel.

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