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Out of Georgia

Day 12; Mile 109.8

I’m lying in bed on a cold, wet Sunday morning as we wait out today’s rain in Franklin, NC. The weather generally has been more wintery than not, about exactly what I left behind in Cape Town. I can’t wait for it to warm up!

Having crossed both my first state boundary, from Georgia into North Carolina, and passed the 100 mile mark, I feel I’m making progress. My shin has almost healed, and I’m easily managing 16 mile days again. Hopefully I’ll do my first 20 miler this week.

The worst of my homesickness also seems to have faded as Trail life becomes more routine. 2000 miles and 4 months is still very long, and I don’t really know how far I’ll walk – my feeling on that tends to change about 3 times per day – but for now it’s good to be walking.

The people you meet on the Trail are at once quite unusual, but also surprisingly normal (which ptobably is true of most people most places). I’m now sharing a room with Sunshine, a guy from New Orleans who recently sold his share in his business. Last night we had supper with Loon (or maybe Lune?), a grey-haired multiple thru-hiker who seems to know everything about every inch of the Trail, and some friends of his: Mofo Man, Cruiser, Windchime and Tank.

Trail names are surprisingly effective. Not only do they increase the sense of adventure, but on a practical level they’re much easier to remember than people’s real names. Most hikers seem to be men, either young (twenties), or old (fifties amd sixties), with probably as many section hikers as thru-hikers.

Shelter life: making food, resting, chatting…

Taking a midday break, lying on my back listening to music

One of the prettier views I’ve come across

Outside Plumorchard Gap Shelter, which had no less than 3 levels of sleeping areas inside

Waiting for a (serendipitous) ride into Franklin yesterday

Sunshine and I enjoyed a coffee and Scrabble game in the Rathskeller, a gorgeous little coffee shop/bar/bohemian hangout. The kind of place you want to be a local at.


  1. Lirize Loots
    Posted 5 May ’13 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

    Fantastiese fotos, Linsen! Net wat ek oor gewonder het toe ons gesels het. Dit lyk darem heel gesellig (in die aande ten minste). Baie liefde, ons 3 xx

  2. irize
    Posted 5 May ’13 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    Liewe Linsen,
    Hou van jou update stories, sommer baie. Die foto’s maak dit lewendig en hou mens se pols op die realiteite van wat jy ervaar!
    Die trail name … Laat my telkens glimlag.
    Stuur liefde… IRIZE
    PS: One Step at A Time!

  3. PB
    Posted 6 May ’13 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    Gewonder waaroor mens sou skryf as jy vir 5 maande stap – maar dis actually nogals interessant! Keep it up ;)

    NS: Hoop jy haal gou die 20 myler!

  4. Marion
    Posted 6 May ’13 at 11:42 am | Permalink

    J’aurais adoré prendre une petite noisette (espresso with one drop of milk) dans ce café bar!

    Des bises!

  5. Anso Adie
    Posted 6 May ’13 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    Living ya adventure through your stories and photos. Take us along;)

  6. Ilse
    Posted 9 May ’13 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    Ek sien jy’s amper in Tennessee…good for you! Sterkte en groete van ons almal.

  7. Tamzyn
    Posted 14 May ’13 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful view. I like the sound of Rathskeller.And be careful what you wish for re: the heat!
    I assume the mosquitoes haven’t bugged you too much in the cold? Is it all as you imagined? Wishing for the Tsitsikamma instead?
    Sending you lots of love and many thoughts

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