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The new year has started, and in keeping with what, for lack of a better word could be calles a New Year’s Resolution, I have made a good start on my intention to paint at least one painting per month.

The first for the year, shown above, was done at my mother’s request. She wanted something to hang in my parents’ bedroom, and had come across a photograph of the Cone Nebula, which served as the inspiration for this painting.

It was interesting to try and create a sense of movement and intensity while painting something that, at least from our little perspective, is rather static. While the subject has less narrative than I like, it was a pleasing exercise in technique and composition.

As I type this there are more canvasses staring at me from across the room.  Now to decide what to paint on them…


  1. Ig
    Posted 2 Feb ’09 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    So that’s oil on canvas? Not digital?

    You never cease to amaze.

    • Posted 2 Feb ’09 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, I’ve rediscovered oil on canvas as a medium (having last done proper oil paintings in about Grade 9), and am really enjoying it!

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