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Leaves Fall

I discovered a few snippets that I wrote some years ago. They are somewhat unhappy in nature, but I enjoyed the way I wrote them, so thought I’d share them here despite their dark tone. Here is the third and last:

The first leaf fell from the tree, a lonely yellow-green sparkle drifting to the cold, icy ground.  A small mouse that had been investigating the grasses between the tree’s roots looked up, momentarily startled by the leaf’s rustle.  The mouse stared suspiciously at the leaf, as if daring it to move again, and for a long moment contemplated this newcomer in its environment.  With the slightest twitch of its whiskers the mouse expressed its disdain for the solitary leaf, and returned to its investigation of the ground below the tree.

It was fully daylight before the next leaf fell.  The soft rays of early sunlight shattered on the frost that cloaked the scant grass beneath the tree, sending cold light in all directions.  As if dislodged by the light itself, one of the tree’s leaves gently fell from its branch.  The leaf, a rich, emerald green, hung in the air.  A stray beam of light illuminated it for a moment, till a sudden gust plucked it from the air and out of sight.

The third and fourth leaves fell mere minutes later.  The fifth landed near the first again disturbing the mouse’s business.  The small creature sniffed warily at the vibrant leaf, and was on the point of forgiving it for the intrusion when another leaf fell nearby.  This was too much, and the mouse fled the tree in disgust.

As the sun started its journey across the sky, more and more leaves fell from the tree’s branches.  By midmorning there was a constant rain of soft green shapes, and by noon the ground around the tree was a mass of fresh, green leaves.  When the sun neared the end of its path, the tree was almost bare.  Its once-full boughs were empty and colourless, only a scant handful of leaves left.

The second-to-last leaf fell minutes before sunset.  As it started its descent, it was met by a sudden wind.  The wind caught the leaf, and stretched out more of its fingers to pull leaves from the ground.  Within moments the air was full of leaves, all dancing around the branches where they had resided.  The tree seemed to be whole again, cloaked in swirling shimmering green.

Seconds later the illusion broke as the wind’s temperament changed once more and the leaves were scattered far and wide.  As the last seconds of sunlight illuminated the tree, the last leaf caught the sun’s soft light.  The leaf was caught in the breeze, and climbed up into air.  It was a speck of brilliance, a luminescent spring-time green.  The leaf twirled and danced in the day’s last breath, and vanished from sight.

As darkness fell, the naked tree stood deserted, cold and colourless.

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