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I am Legend

A recent trip overseas gave me lots of time on trains, planes and waiting for said transport. As a result I read quite a few books.

Ever since I saw the recent Hollywood movie I’ve wanted to read I am Legend by Richard Matheson. I found the film somewhat shallow, but got the impression that the book would have more substance. I was therefore quite pleased to stumble upon it in a library in London.

Superficially this is a book about vampires, and the life of the last normal human left alive when all the world is infected. It follows his attempts to trace the root cause of the disease, as well as the trials of his daily life.

More than this, though, it asks some difficult questions about the assumptions we make. If everyone is a vampire, is the one remaining human “normal”, or is he in fact the mythical monster hiding in the corners of a new society.

A short, though-provoking book and a good read.

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