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Country of My Skull

As preparation for our next book club book, Antjie Krog’s ‘n Ander Tongval (A Change of Tongue in English), I decided it was a good opportunity to read her two other non-fiction books as well.

Country of My Skull tells of Krog’s experiences being in charge team of journalists for SABC radio covering the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in the late 1990′s.

Given the nature of the Commission, and the incredibly painful experiences that people came and told there, I found this book to be emotionally draining, but definitely worth reading. It tells us of an essential part of South African history, and one that I think it is very necessary for us, especially young people, to be informed about.

Krog’s prose is nothing short of exquisite. She writes with great sensitivity and intelligence, and effortlessly switches between different narrative styles, blending in many of her own opinions as well as her conversations with others.

I cannot recommend this book too strongly.

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