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A coping mechanism to keep myself (relatively) sane


A See-through Suitcase

A See-through Suitcase is a short anthology of poetry by Deborah Steinmair, a South African poet. She manages to capture beauty and tragedy in a truly exquisite and poignant way – the poems in this anthology are very honest, and have that special type of […]


A moment’s respite As I break the surface, Gasping for air, For light, For sound and sight. But it cannot last, This momentary pause: The road is still long. Take a deep breath


I discovered a few snippets that I wrote some years ago. They are somewhat unhappy in nature, but I enjoyed the way I wrote them, so thought I’d share them here despite their dark tone. Here is the first: I sit within myself, watching the […]

Déjeuner du matin

Il a mis le café Dans la tasse Il a mis le lait Dans la tasse de café Il a mis le sucre Dans le café au lait Avec la petite cuiller Il a tourné Il a bu le café au lait Et il a […]