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A coping mechanism to keep myself (relatively) sane


Desert Rain

It was an awakening. Drifting happily through life; Years feel like days feel like years – No hint of the worlds as yet unseen. And then… The desert is grey with rain. Sand runs into mud, Puddles join, streams form, waters gather. The storm a […]


Unfathomable Beauty

The great machine of the world turns. Spinning gears slice through puffs of steam; Clattering chains dance with power lines. An endless sea of motion and noise. As parts rust, collapse, crumble, Stripped and faded by entropy’s embrace, So too new constructions emerge – Sharp […]


On lost lines

I was toying with anagrams of my name, and the meanings were so enticing that I felt I had to try and create something from them… One still son on lost lines. Lo! Stolen sin, eons on, still lets loons in. So none lilts on […]



She sits quietly in the corner, Headphones on, A loud silence filling her ears. Thoughts drift as clouds across her face. Occasionally her eyes shine through, The sun breaking through the grey. Mostly they are far away. Slowly it begins to rain. At first lone […]



I lose myself, somewhere – Accidentally leave my soul on a train station bench Next to an abandoned coffee cup and a discarded ticket stub. It takes a while for the emptiness to sink in And until it does I run on auto-pilot, Going through […]



The alarm rings pulls me upwards out of the depths of sleep with a gasp I break the surface drowning in air


Found and Lost

I have known great heights stood like a god with mountains at my knees the world a mere toy in my hands I have seen everything and found the secrets of life itself Only to fall back down return to the ground, small and insignificant […]


Blossoms Fall

Days fall like jacaranda blossoms to the ground Gently drifting from future to present to past. A soft purple rain, a subtle sea of sound A movement, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. There’s much magic and mystery to be found Before the game is done, […]



it’s a strange thing to suddenly find oneself beside a path like so many before after other failed searches it seems a chance discovery serendipitous with neither pattern nor cause at first i am uncertain is it really me and am i it but then […]



The stern summer sun shines from the vast and staring sky its heat merciless and inescapable searing through my soul leaving me exposed and dry The wistful autumn wind a dancing dervish wandering freely, far astray it pulls and pushes, whirling wild unravelling my thoughts […]