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The world by foot is a very different place. Both much bigger, but also more manageable than we expect.

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The Outeniqua Trail

I had the good fortune to take time off in the middle of winter and hike the first five days of the Outeniqua Trail.  The full trail is seven days long, and ends at the start of the Harkerville (so the two can be combined […]



Continuing my attempts to hike as often as possible in preparation of walking the Camino de Santiago later this year, I joined a group of friends to walk the Harkerville route. This circular two-day trail is situated between Knysna and Plett, and travels through the […]


Vivo Barefoot

I bought my first pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes almost 2 years ago, and having recently acquired a third pair (the beautiful and striking emerald green pair in the photo), I am extremely happy with them Espousing a philosophy of “minimalist footwear”, the basic premise […]

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I hiked the Arangieskop trail, near Robertson, a few weeks back. As the first overnight hike I’ve done in a while, and in particular the first since I decided to join my family on the Camino de Santiago later this year, it was for me […]


I’m Off Then

Hape Kerkeling’s journal of his travels along the Camino de Santiago, I’m Off Then, was the first (and thusfar only) direct account I’ve read of the pilgrimage. A German comedian who takes life rather lightly, doesn’t enjoy excessive physical activity and is far from a […]


El Camino de Santiago

My family have decided to walk a portion of the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St James, in September and October this year. One of Christianity’s three great pilgrimages (the others being to Rome and Jerusalem respectively), this route has been walked […]