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Bits and pieces; most often without any meaning



We had a working weekend away last month, and during a few of the workshop sessions I kept my mind focussed by doodling. Here is the end product – done with no plan, and largely drawing whatever random image popped into my head, I am […]


Speedpainting: Landscape 1

  Here is a quick sketch I did as an excercise in speedpainting. I would like to get more practice doing digital art (there are things one can do with a wacom & photoshop that can’t be done on canvas), and furthermore digital art lends […]


Sketches with Harmony

I discovered Harmony, a very cool tool for making sketches. It is written using the javascript port of the Processing language, and utilises procedural methods to augment the various different brushes. I first saw work by Rob Sheridan made using it, and then gave it […]



Some more sketches from my moleskine:  

Lonely Medusa


Some doodles, courtesy of my moleskine: