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Adventures in graphic design, typography and aesthetic happiness

A friend asked me to create an image for his web service, It’s basically a mashup between twitter and, so the request was for a twitter bird with headphones.  I tried to make as shiny and web 2.0 an image as possible. Here […]


Wedding Designs

My sister’s wedding took place last weekend at Morgansvlei Country Estate in Tulbagh.  It is an absolutely beautiful venue in a surprisingly pretty (and not so far away town). I did a few designs for the wedding, which I thought it now appropriate to post […]


Brighter than a rainbow

I became the proud owner of a set of brand new (and very shiny) Pantone colour charts today!  For those who don’t know, Pantone is the colour calibration system used in almost all design and printing industries to ensure that the colour you want is […]


Vector art

I occasionally do design work for a friend’s clothing factory, and this was the reason for this item. I spent this evening drawing the following monochrome vector image from a photo – it is to be used on clothing, and will be done in single-colour […]

Ambigram: Wian

Here’s another ambigram that I did yesterday in a moment of inspiration (and about an hour of work)

Johan Potgieter

Upside downside up…

While working on a wedding invitation for my sister (which is nearly complete, and rather pleasing), I spent a fair amount of time the last while playing with ambigrams. For those who do not know, this entails writing words in such a way that they […]


Let’s take it from the top

  I feel as if I’ve awoken from a very long sleep. For the first time in what seems like years I’ve had real free time during the last few weeks. This has given me a chance to do some introspection, as well as pick […]