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Fun with words and typography. This is one of my more preferred (albeit less often practised) hobbies

The ambigrammified logo


Visiting a friend’s company inspired me to try and create an ambigram of their logo.  Not as nice as the logo itself, but still rather cool, I think.  


Wedding Designs

My sister’s wedding took place last weekend at Morgansvlei Country Estate in Tulbagh.  It is an absolutely beautiful venue in a surprisingly pretty (and not so far away town). I did a few designs for the wedding, which I thought it now appropriate to post […]

Ambigram: Wian

Here’s another ambigram that I did yesterday in a moment of inspiration (and about an hour of work)

Johan Potgieter

Upside downside up…

While working on a wedding invitation for my sister (which is nearly complete, and rather pleasing), I spent a fair amount of time the last while playing with ambigrams. For those who do not know, this entails writing words in such a way that they […]