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I Wonder

Marion Bantjes is easily my favourite designer, and it was with considerable excitement that I received her book, I Wonder. A collection of essays on a number of diverse topics, the book is interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring to read. More than this, however, it is […]



I recently did some sketches for a friend’s clothing company, Farbe.  The idea was to echo the colours of the company’s logo in a sketch of the mountains around Stellenbosch. I’m rather pleased with the results.  


EDGE Campus Website

I was recently at BYM, and there found out about an initiative of two of the delegates, namely EDGE Campus. It’s an education initiative with the intent of providing additional resources to school learners of all backgrounds. One thing led to another, and I helped […]

The ambigrammified logo


Visiting a friend’s company inspired me to try and create an ambigram of their logo.  Not as nice as the logo itself, but still rather cool, I think.  

HK 2009

Poker face

The announcement of the new HK (House Committee) in my residence reminded me of this image that I did for the (almost retired) current HK.  This is probably the best photoshopping work I’ve done, and I really like the polished, movie-poster atmosphere the photo has. […]


Display boards

  I designed some display boards for a clothing factory (Farbe) for whom I often design shirts, hoodies and so forth.  It was quite enjoyable to try and create layouts that were pleasing, true to the character of the specific client (there were three boards […]

Entrepreneurship Poster

Entrepreneurship Poster

A few weeks ago I was asked to design a poster / logo for some lectures on entrepreneurship that a friend of mine was organising.  Given the context (an engineering lab with a focus on web technology and innovation), I felt it appropriate to reference […]



The warden of my residence asked me to digitally repair a photo of his that had received considerable damage in the fire of 2007.  This was something of a challenge, as parts of the photo (and certain figures in it) were completely unrecogniseable.  Nevertheless it […]



I was at a friend’s wedding recently, and (as one does) bought an inherently uninteresting gift from the gift registry.  I decided that if I wasn’t able to give an exciting and intensly personal gift, the least I could do was wrap it nicely.  Thanks […]