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The new year finally brought me to start reading AS Byatt romance Possession. This is a truly exquisite work, one of a limited number of books I’ve read that I would properly describe as literature. Telling the tale of two (post)modern academics researching the relationship […]


What I Talk About when I Talk About Running

I was given Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About when I Talk About Running by a friend and fellow running enthusiast, and found it an incredibly moving and relevant read. Written almost as memoirs, this short work provides insight into both Murakami’s life as a […]


The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 2

I started reading The Oxford History of South Africa slightly over a year ago, and while it has been very interesting and rewarding to learn more of the history of my country, this two-volume tome is anything but an easy read. The text is dry, […]


A Rustle in the Grass

I found Robin Hawdon’s novel A Rustle in the Grass quite serendipitously at a second-hand bookstore, and was immediately intrigued by the idea of a serious novel set in an ant colony. The book is fast-paced and reads easily, but still presents a remarkably deep […]


Through the Language Glass

Through the Language Glass is the second book on linguistics by Guy Deutscher that I’ve read recently (the other being The Unfolding of Language). This popular science book explains various differences between languages, and tackles the rather thorny question of whether the language we think […]


A See-through Suitcase

A See-through Suitcase is a short anthology of poetry by Deborah Steinmair, a South African poet. She manages to capture beauty and tragedy in a truly exquisite and poignant way – the poems in this anthology are very honest, and have that special type of […]


The Unfolding of Language

I have an enduring passion for and interest in language, and was thus quite intrigued when I read about Guy Deutscher’s two books, The Unfolding of Language and Through the Language Glass. As it was written earlier, I read The Unfolding of Language first. In […]


Towers of Midnight

Having thoroughly enjoyed The Gathering Storm, the previous installment in the Wheel of Time and the first to be published after Robert Jordan’s passing (having been co-written by Brian Sanderson), I was extremely excited to get my hands on Towers of Midnight, the latest and […]

The toxic mix

The Toxic Mix

I had the good fortune of hearing Graeme Bloch talk at a conference I attended, and was therefore pleased to get hold of a copy of The Toxic Mix. This is a short work in which he details the various problems in South Africa’s education […]


Long Way Down

Following on the success of Long Way Round, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s next adventure is captured in┬áLong Way Down. This tells the tale of their motorcycle journey from the top of Scotland all the way down through Africa to Cape Town. I found myself […]