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Most of the time I am a person. Some of the time I talk about it.

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Life Goals

In the process of cleaning out my life before I head off on the Appalachian Trail (more on that later), I came across a set of life goals I wrote when I was 18, almost a decade ago. I was pleasantly surprised that the general […]


The Appalachian Trail

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of adventure.  Not just any kind of adventure, but the really grand kind.  The kind of adventure that changes you, where you find yourself. Well, with the sudden and unexpected discovery that I’m not yet immortal, I realised […]



it’s a strange thing to suddenly find oneself beside a path like so many before after other failed searches it seems a chance discovery serendipitous with neither pattern nor cause at first i am uncertain is it really me and am i it but then […]


Wanderlust, Resumed

It is with some excitement that I release this new incarnation of my blog. I have been meaning to pay some attention to my blog for some time, and have finally been able to do so. It now resides at its very own domain,, […]


Vivo Barefoot

I bought my first pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes almost 2 years ago, and having recently acquired a third pair (the beautiful and striking emerald green pair in the photo), I am extremely happy with them Espousing a philosophy of “minimalist footwear”, the basic premise […]

Bernard Bravenboer Helderberg Fire Somerset West 0016

Helderberg Aflame

There is a very particular tone that light takes when there is a fire. It takes on a deep orange, almost greasy look, and lends the world an eery, almost surreal quality. We were having breakfast when we noticed it, and knew immediately there was […]


El Camino de Santiago

My family have decided to walk a portion of the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St James, in September and October this year. One of Christianity’s three great pilgrimages (the others being to Rome and Jerusalem respectively), this route has been walked […]

A Moment’s Reflection

This marks my 100th post on this blog – a feat that I’m quite proud of.  In an attempt to gain some overview of what I’ve written (which, for the most part has been book reviews), I’ve set up a list of all the books […]


My Bookshelf

As anyone who visits my blog must know, I have a great love of books. Having moved into a house with friends this year, I finally found myself with a room large enough for a proper bookshelf, so I spent a few days building one. […]


Daar’s ’n land aan Suide kant…

  I’m finally at home and properly settled in after an absolutely amazing month-long holiday in Europe and the UK. It’s been a really inspiring trip, to see so many incredible things and places, and while I don’t know exactly what I’m inspired to do, […]