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A recent trip overseas gave me lots of time on trains, planes and waiting for said transport. As a result I read quite a few books.

I read Orcs, by Stan Nicholls, while on holiday in the UK.  It’s a book I had seen many times in bookshops, and I was intrigued by its stated purpose of casting orcs, the traditional bad-guys of High Fantasy, in a new, positive light.

In regard to the potential implied by such a theme I was disappointed by this book. Reading it felt a great deal like playing a combat-base computer game like Warcraft: There is constant action, but very little character development or believable plot. The heroes succeed mostly due to an unlikely set of circumstances and their combat prowess. Their orcishness is also ultimately not of great relevance to the story – for the most part they are merely people that happen to be orcs.

While I have grown out of reading fantasy over the last few years, it is nice for some occasional light reading. Orcs is exactly that – light reading.

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