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Blood on the Path

Blood on the Path by Harvey Tyson is a historical novel chronicling the events in South Africa between 1880 and 1930, notably the Anglo-Boer War and the formation of the Union of South Africa.

It is an extremely well-researched and accurate account that nevertheless manages to spin all this history into a story that is interesting, understandable and a pleasure to read. Furthermore it presents a well-balanced view of the country, and takes all the different groups (mostly racially demarcated) into account.

I knew almost nothing of this period in my country’s history before, and it was an amazing experience to learn more about it in such an enjoyable manner. It is reassuring that there were heroes a century ago that fought for the same issues that we still struggle with today, and also insightful to learn something of the causes of all the trouble that’s happened since.

Best of all I finally know after whom Merriman avenue (where I live) is named, and am pleased to report that JX Merriman was by all accounts a truly great man.

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    nou wens ek weer ek’t meer tyd gehad vir lees… :)

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