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Begging to Be Black

Having just finished Country of My Skull, I decided to next read Antjie Krog’s Begging to Be Black. This later book takes a much more philosophical tone, and guides us through Krog’s struggle to, as a a white South African, identify and understand the essential character of black society in South Africa.

Krog tackles this very sensitive and difficult subject with incredible intelligence, insight and well-researched, well-informed knowledge.

Her narrative switches comfortably between, amongst others, a historical account of Moshoeshoe, her own involvement as a witness in a murder in 1992, and time she spent in Berlin doing research. She nevertheless binds these diverse elements together into a remarcably coherent whole.

Through it all Krog’s voice is clear, well-expressed and brilliantly intelligent. I found it a very moving experience to read something that took many of the issues that I myself have struggled with, and expressed, analysed and discussed them.

I feel that this is a book that every white South African should read if they hope to really understand our country. It is truly excellent!

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