About Me

Hey traveller!

It seems you’ve somehow stumbled onto my blog.  Mostly it’s a collection of bits and pieces of my life – paintings, sketches, poems, journeys and things of that nature.  Feel free to wonder around and find things that interest you.

In case you want to know more about me, here’s a very short introduction:

I am a 20-something South African. I like pretty things. I am a minimalist, in as many ways as possible.  Most of the time I’m a vegetarian.  I have two degrees in electronic engineering.  My days alternate between programming and graphic design.  I like guys, in that way.  I love running and hiking.  I have a camera with black and white film in it.  I speak two languages fluently, and can buy a beer in three more.  My favourite book is The Carpet People.  Recently I succeeded in making risotto.  Increasingly I suspect I’m a real boy.

I also occasionally tweet something…

À bientôt
~ Linsen

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