Monthly Archives: April 2013


A Pause for Breath

After a good day’s rest on Friday, I set off on a cold rainy Saturday morning. I made good time, covering some 18.8 miles by about 13:30. I hit a very cold Blue Mountain Shelter, which already housed ‘Cowboy’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’. Sunrise, a Brazillian […]


The First Steps

It was with a lump in my throat that I waved goodbye to Pieter and Sureta and walked off, alone, to start the long road to Maine. When I signed yhe initial register, I was thru-hiker number 1043 for the year. I was excited, but […]


Setting Off

After what seems an incredibly long time, my journey towards the Appalachian Trail has finally begun. Having spent a great weekend with friends in Jo’burg, I’m now sitting in OR Tambo waiting for my flight. Reaching this point already seems an adventure. I have given […]

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Life Goals

In the process of cleaning out my life before I head off on the Appalachian Trail (more on that later), I came across a set of life goals I wrote when I was 18, almost a decade ago. I was pleasantly surprised that the general […]