Monthly Archives: September 2012



Omens. Signs everywhere. I can’t understand. Although, maybe it means…? No, that’s not it either. I feel trapped by them all. If only I could interpret one thing. I’m sure the rest would unravel from there. But the puzzle’s too hard; I remain stuck fast. Petrified, […]


The Swarm

“Shhhhh…” Another appeared. “Don’t disturb them.” “Can they see us?” Natalie shrugged, her eyes wide. Another one left father’s liquor cabinet. “What are they looking for?” I whispered. Again Natalie shrugged, the swarm’s behaviour a mystery. Only later did we understand what they were after. […]



Flash! He blinked. Reality returned slowly. The camera flashed again. How had he got here? It started with those damned beans. Magic was one possible description, he supposed. And then the beanstalk – had that been real? The theft probably was; the police clearly thought so. […]