Monthly Archives: June 2012



I lose myself, somewhere – Accidentally leave my soul on a train station bench Next to an abandoned coffee cup and a discarded ticket stub. It takes a while for the emptiness to sink in And until it does I run on auto-pilot, Going through […]



The alarm rings pulls me upwards out of the depths of sleep with a gasp I break the surface drowning in air


Found and Lost

I have known great heights stood like a god with mountains at my knees the world a mere toy in my hands I have seen everything and found the secrets of life itself Only to fall back down return to the ground, small and insignificant […]


Blossoms Fall

Days fall like jacaranda blossoms to the ground Gently drifting from future to present to past. A soft purple rain, a subtle sea of sound A movement, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. There’s much magic and mystery to be found Before the game is done, […]