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Soli & Koranna

From the Annals: Soli & Koranna

During my last Xhosa class, I asked my lecturer whether there is currently much research into Khoisan (“bushman”) languages, especially given the increasingly few native speakers left. She said that there is still some, especially from German researchers, and further she gave me the following […]


Empire of Ivory

I was pleasantly surprised by Naomi Novik’s Empire of Ivory. It is the fourth installment in her Temeraire series (as I discovered some way into the book), which presents an alternate world history, around the time of Napolean, in which there are a plethora of […]


My Bookshelf

As anyone who visits my blog must know, I have a great love of books. Having moved into a house with friends this year, I finally found myself with a room large enough for a proper bookshelf, so I spent a few days building one. […]


The Affinity Bridge

The Affinity Bridge by George Mann is a Victorian, steam-punk detective novel. While I am usually partial to this genre, I must confess I found this novel somewhat disappointing. The whole book reads like a movie of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen caliber. There is […]


Soccer sketch

This is a sketch I did recently for a friend. It is intended to provide a juxtaposition between healthy and unhealthy foods, with in the context of a soccer stadium (it being 2010, after all).


The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is a glimpse into life in India, with all the complexities, difficulties and idiosyncrasies of its society. It tells the story of two fraternal twins who were separated at a young age after the accidental death of […]


The Oxford History of South Africa, Part 1

I found, on my father’s bookshelf, a copy of The Oxford History of South Africa. Published in 1969, this two-volume work is a comprehensive study of the history of our country. A rather formidable tome, the first volume covers the history from as far back […]


Counterfeit Gods

Timothy Keller’s Counterfeit Gods is an exposition of the way in which we take various aspects of our lives and turn them into all-consuming idols. The consequence of such single-minded devotion is inevitably unbalance and unhappiness. Thus far I agree, as I follow a “all […]


Too many letters

English orthography, or the manner in which we employ the alphabet to suggest words’ phonetic expressions, is notoriously irregular. It presents a full continuum from the straightforward, like mat, to the indirect but regular, like bubble, to the quite bizarre, such as phlegm. This illogical […]


Graph Out Loud

I was given Graph Out Loud, a book containing a collection of graphs from, as a birthday present from a friend. The idea is, simply, to use graphs and charts to illustrate concepts from pop culture (music, movies and the like). It is absolutely […]