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Holism and Evolution

I apologise for the long post, but this book and its author are just too interesting to sum up briefly. Ever since discovering in a previous book that Jan Smuts, South Africa’s Prime Minister from 1919-1924 and again from 1939-1948, had studied and written a […]

Un gout pour les langues

It’s now been more than a year that I’ve been actively studying two new languages, French and isiXhosa. I am finally (if slowly) reaching the point where I can express myself, and occasionally even hold a brief conversation. As a result I thought it would […]

Thula Thula


Ek het die absolute voorreg gehad om saam met ‘n paar vriende ‘n Boekklub te begin, en die eerste boek wat ons bespreek het was Annelie Botes se Thula-thula. Die roman vertel die storie van Gertruida Strydom, ‘n jong dame wat al amper haar hele […]