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Cry, The Beloved Country

Alan Paton’s Cry, The Beloved Country is one of those novels that I’ve known about for ever, but never managed to read. Given my recent spate of reading South African historical novels, I thought it would be appropriate to tackle it. Superficially it tells the […]


Staan in die algemeen nader aan vensters

Ek het oor die afgelope paar weke Loftus Marais se digbundel Staan in die algemeen nader aan vensters gelees. Sy gedigte is van ‘n uitsonderlike gehalte, en daar is ‘n melodie en beeldskoonheid aan sy woorde wat dit baie aangenaam maak om te lees. Sy […]


The Language Instinct

Given my ongoing fascination with language and linguistics, when I saw Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct in our campus bookshop I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it. It was truly an excellent purchase. Pinker provides a eloquent, factual, well-researched and above all interesting overview […]


The Diving-Bell & the Butterfly

I bought The Diving-Bell & the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby in a charity store when I was in London, the title catching my eye because I was aware that a movie had been made of it (although I was unaware what it was about). This […]


The Undercover Economist

  In what was a rather new experience for me, I listened to an audio book version of The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford over the last few weeks. As someone with no formal background in economics, but a lot of informal knowledge of it […]


Blood on the Path

Blood on the Path by Harvey Tyson is a historical novel chronicling the events in South Africa between 1880 and 1930, notably the Anglo-Boer War and the formation of the Union of South Africa. It is an extremely well-researched and accurate account that nevertheless manages […]



A remarkable woman I had the good fortune to work with a few weeks ago recommended Thomas More’s classical text Utopia as a book she’d found formative. I found it in our university library and read it. Written in 1516, this is the text to […]


‘n Droë wit seisoen

Ek het André P Brink se roman ‘n Droë Wit Seisoen op aanbeveling van ‘n vriendin gelees, en het dit besonder insiggewend ervaar. Die roman vind plaas tydens Apartheid in die 70′s, en vertel die verhaal van ‘n wit man wat betrokke raak by die […]


Incwadi yolwazi (first sketch)

  I was asked (well, sort of asked, sort of volunteered) to do a drawing for this year’s Stellenbosch Student, as the editor is a friend of mine. Here’s my first pencil sketch draft. I’ve done it as a fineliner drawing for the Student, but […]