Monthly Archives: April 2007


The first story

  The sun breaks through the thick clouds for the first time in weeks, and scatters into a glowing spectrum of a thousand colours. The tiny island basks in the unfamiliar sunlight and at last begins to shrug off its winter stiffness. Gradually a sense […]


Skyscapes – Reunited

  After a long separation (food is scarce in this airborn environment, and the nest must be looked after), the two birds are at last reunited.  How long it will be before circumstance once again pulls them apart, no one can say.  Until then, however, […]

A beginnning

“A picture speaks a thousand words”, it is often said. This has led me to wonder whether a thousand words can, in fact, speak a picture. I plan to use this space to test that theory by not only putting up my art, but also […]